Our Core Values

A Team Approach

An inclusive, supportive team approach is vital to our athletes reaching their full potential.  It is also a life skill essential to our youth’s future success.

Personal Growth

Our athletes learn self-confidence, perseverance, independence, tenacity and an appreciation for hard work.  These traits are essential to personal growth.

Life-Long Love of Sport

MRT inspires a life-long passion for skiing, the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle.


Team sports create some of life’s best relationships.  This is most true when members can confidently express their individuality and pursue their athletic goals without judgment.

Meadows RAce Team,  Mt Hood Meadows, Oregon

Meadows Race Team provides a number of training options for athletes of all ages beginning at age six. These programs are designed as part of a comprehensive skill development system to take each athlete as far in the sport of ski racing as desired.