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Our philosophy regarding athlete development maintains fun and camaraderie as its central pillars.  MRT subscribes to USSA's Training System as a model for athlete development. We build great skiers first and great racers from the well-refined skiing skills they acquire.  We use a thoughtful combination of focused free skiing, technical drill work, drill courses and race simulation to get that job done. Our mission is to enhance lives through alpine ski racing; we prioritize developing each athlete as a person by valuing team, personal growth, a love for sport and building community.  

Meadows Race Team is one big team.  You are a member of the Team first and all of our resources are there for everyone to use equally.  We structure our team in two ways:

  • By USSA age class- U8U10U12U14U16U19U21
  • By commitment level or number of days per week of training. 
    • Development Team- 1 day
    • Club Team - 2 days 
    • Junior Team 3-4 days


MRT Team Strucutre

Program Recommendations by USSA Age Class


U8's :  Many 6 and 7 year olds join our team at the Development Team level although joining at the Club Team level will provided the greatest opportunity for development.  They should have very strong lift riding skills for their age.  Being able to ride the lift independently and attention to safety on and around the lifts are priorities in determining whether or not a little skier is ready to join our team.  Sometimes shorter days are in order for this age group when the weather is harsh as there can be a significant difference in energy levels in kids in this group. Less time in gates and more time spent with fun free-skiing challenges around the mountain is in order for this age group.


U10/U12's :  These age classes should consider our Club Team for the greatest opportunity for athletic development.  Our Development Team is also an option for these age classes for those who are less capable of the time commitment the Club Team offers.  Some U12s may select the Junior Team as an option.  All athletes in these age classes should be able to show some responsibility and independence with moving around the mountain.  At the very least, finding their way into the lodge to get lunch and finding their way back out to meet the group after lunch would be a reasonable expectation for most in this age group. Gate training time increases and longer days in inclement weather are possible.  This age group can consider spring season and summer camps if the interest and motivation is present.  


U14's :  As athletes move into this critical and transitional age class we encourage those with a longer history in the sport that are seeking to take a deeper dive to enroll as a member of the Junior Team.  At this level athletes generally travel outside of the Mt. Hood area to USSA sanctioned races and become more integrated into the USSA pipeline at the Divisional (PNSA) level although a very localized race plan is still very much a viable option.   Athletes at this age class are still eligible for the Club Team and Development Team with a focus on local races within the Mt. Hood Mighty Mite Council series.