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MRT Volunteer COMMITMENT Requirements & Forms


Volunteer Commitment
The Meadows Race Team has a long and proud history of hosting the highest quality ski races. Races ensure a fun and successful experience for our youngest athletes and give our older athletes the opportunity to compete in high level FIS races on their own hill.  Volunteer opportunities give each family a chance to work off their four days and save money. Each MRT family commits to volunteer for 4 days. For families who chose not to or cannot complete their volunteer commitment, there will be a $400 fee. Every volunteer needs to complete a volunteer liability release available here.

With the four volunteer day commitment, there are a few conditions we ask each family to meet:

  • One of the volunteer days must be at a U14+ race.  Options to meet this requirement are volunteering at Golden Rose or the Evergreen Cup Finals.

  • Only one of the four volunteer slots may be on a non-race day.

  • We ask that each family serve as a gate judge at least once during the season.

Race Days
This year the Meadows Race Team is hosting or co-hosting the following races:

  • Meadows Challenge: January 25,26 2019

  • Candy Cup: March 8, 2020

  • Evergreen Cup Finals:  March 21, 22 and 23, 2020

  • Golden Rose: May 23,24, 2020

To sign up to volunteer, use the signup links below.

Non-Race Day Volunteering Options (This is limited to one sign up per family)

You will receive a volunteering reminder one week prior to each commitment that you sign up for.  Thank you again for joining MRT and making this season and our races fun and successful!

Commitment Opportunities for 2019-20
There are two to three required items a volunteer must do prior to helping. First is to commit to our schedule on the Volunteer Commitment Form and sign our volunteer release of liability. In addition, to the first two items, those volunteers with authority positions over an athlete, like Board members, coaches, full time employees and key race officials (start and finish referees etc.) must also complete Safe Sport certification as required by the USSS governing body. So at least two and maybe all three requirements are necessary for most volunteers. See links for more information

1. Volunteer Commitment Form - with dates
2. MRT Volunteer Liability Release
3. USSS Safe Sport certification from US Ski and Snowboard (USSS)
Generally, Volunteers who work the day of the race, volunteer for 7-9 hours per volunteer day depending on their job and the timing of the race in changing weather conditions.

Volunteer Commitment Form

Volunteer Commitment Form

Please Print and return to our Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers working Lauberhorn DH, Switzerland

Volunteers working Lauberhorn DH, Switzerland

Sign and Return the Volunteer Liability Release

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Safe Sport Training

Required for all volunteers who have frequent contact with children or are in a position of authority. Be safe - get trained!