Required Volunteer Commitment

Meadows race team has a long and proud history of hosting the highest quality ski races. Races at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort ensure a fun and successful experience for our youngest athletes and gives our older athletes the opportunity to compete in high level FIS races on their own hill.

The goal of the volunteer commitment is to ensure that the club can support it's athletes in the sport they love. Our parent base provides the man power to hold events.  Our club fees would cost more if we had to hire out event staff.  This is a tradition within USSA club racing because it also provides a means for our parents to learn more about the sport of alpine ski racing.  Some ski race revenue would end up adding to the club's budget, which in turn gives back to our athletes.

We require a credit card number at the time of your children's enrollment. This credit card will only be charged if volunteer commitments are not fulfilled. If your volunteer commitment is not fulfilled, your credit card will be charged $400.00. Volunteering for races is a fun and exciting way for families to be involved with the sport of ski racing.


  • The 2016/2017 Weekend/One Day Programs require 4 volunteer days.
  • One of your volunteer days must be either:
    • Winter Start, Mt Hood Meadows  
    • Meadows Challenge, Mt Hood Meadows
    • Golden Rose, Timberline
  • Any family member or friend can serve on any MRT race day.
  • Any family member or friend can serve on any MRT race day. Example: If you register and bring three friends or family to help on race day, this would count as your 4 volunteer days.  At least one of your family's volunteer days must be for a U14+ event hosted/co-hosted by MRT.
  • Race Volunteer positions are limited per race and are first come, first serve.
  • Volunteer positions on the ski hill include a lift pass for the race day.
  • In recognition of your volunteer support, Meadows provides a day lift ticket chit for use on another day.

Types of Volunteer Opportunities Available:

Gate Judge

Gate Judges are critical to the success of the race. Gate Judges stand on the side of the course and make sure the athletes correctly go around the assigned gates. Gate judges usually need to be at the lodge by 8 am, and a Gate Judge orientation is typically held at 8:30 am.

Course Crew

Course Crew makes sure that the surface of the race is usable by adding salt when necessary and slipping the course to keep it smooth. Without volunteers to help keep the race venue SAFE and pristine, our kids would not be the shining stars that they are. These volunteers typically need to be at the lodge by 7:30 am so that they can help set up the course and the finish line area.


Scoreboard volunteers record the racers time on a large board for all to see. Scoreboard volunteers usually need to be at the lodge by 8:00 am so they can write out the racers names on the white boards, set them up in the finish area and then be ready to record times when the race begins.

Bib Prep/Bib Collection

These volunteers get the bibs out to all of the racers as well as collect them back and organize them for the next day.  In the case of non-scored races like The Candy Cup, distribution is in the morning of the race whereas for USSA races it will be the night prior.  During the race, these volunteers also help prepare and sort the trophies and medals. These volunteers need to be at the lodge typically by 7:30 am for non-scored races, later for USSA races.

Start/Finish Crew

At the start and finish line volunteers may act as hand timers timing, as start or finish referees, as starter or assistant starters in addition to other activities. These critical volunteers need to be in the lodge by 8:30 am

If you have any questions about these positions, or want to sign up to volunteer for a race, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer Lewis at: Or click the button below....