SUMMER TRAINING is a great way to gain that extra training to go to your next level. 


We are extremely lucky to have the Palmer Glacier and Timberline Summer Ski in our backyard! Elite racers from all over the country flock to Mt. Hood in the summer to take advantage of consistent summer snow conditions and the opportunity to learn skills without the pressure of a pending event or race! Meadow Race Team is offering 7 summer race camps starting in late May and going through August. MRT Summer Race Camps are open to MRT athletes exclusively, unless approved by summer camp director, John Rust. If you would like to attend and are from outside our organization please email John at Come join us for the summer and we are excited the snow has stacked up and that the conditions are favorable for great training!

Thank you all very much and we look forward to seeing you on the hill!


John Rust, Program Director

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Another perfect summer skiing day!

Another perfect summer skiing day!