MRT Summer Program

Summer Training Block


Summer Training overview:

MRT summer days combine free-skiing fundamental drill work (USSA-skillsquest) with brush/gate course sets to offer continued ski racing development during the off-season.  Summer training helps to keep our athletes in touch with the skills they already have as well as building towards further improvement in the sport of alpine ski racing. It is a great time for our athletes to experience Timberline's glacier/snowfield in an exciting new way. Racers from all across the US and other countries train along side our MRT athletes. 

An average day with our coaches involves warm-up laps to start the day followed with daily skill oriented focus points to be achieved both in and out of the gates. There is a course work component (gate time) to most days. We use both video and still photos to aid in the learning and fun when applicable.  Sometimes we watch video on snow, and sometimes we return to the lodge for video sessions.  We wrap the day up in the lodge to review and prepare each athlete for the next day on snow.  A typical day runs 7am to 12noon.  It depends on the groups energy and how the snow holds up as the day warms etc... We stay out longer when appropriate.  Sometimes, we have to come in early due to weather conditions (wind, rain, fog, lightning etc...).


Our summer training sessions/camps are open to U10’s and older.

* note – Athletes must be able to ski the Palmer Glacier with confidence and aggressiveness.  They must also show a high degree of maturity in the sense of knowing their way around the mountain.  They must be able to ride the chair for multiple laps with their peers or alone.  Coaches do not always turn laps with them. At the end of training, athletes must be able to get themselves back to the lodge.  Sometimes that means walking with their equipment down the hill or being able to download via the chairlift.


2016 Training dates:

MRT 5-day Club Camp: June 18-22

MRT 3-day GS Camp: July 8,9,10

MRT 3-day SL Camp: July 22,23,24

Sunday(1-day) Sessions: 6/12, 6/26, 7/10, 7/17, 7/24


3-day Camp info:

Our 3-day camps are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday camps.  There is no lodging option available for these camps. The price includes training, lift tickets and food(breakfast and lunch at Timberline).

price: $420

*note: you can choose options within our registration page.


Sundays Program info:

We offer 5 Sundays for athletes to be on the hill as an additional training option. Two of these Sundays overlap with our 3-day camps and that is fine.   The price is $60/day training only.  You can pick your days in our registration form.
















                      ABOVE THE CLOUDS IN THE SUMMER

                      ABOVE THE CLOUDS IN THE SUMMER

5-Day MRT Club Camp info: (June 18-22)

This summer, we are offering our 5-day camp with a variety of options for parents to choose from. This is the only summer camp that we offer with a lodging offer.  *We are teaming up with Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps to provide lodging options for our MM's, while our U14 and older athletes are staying nearby in a house in Parkdale.  We will provide transportation and dinners from those venues each day

Questions? contact either:

Jim Stevens, 503.806.1951

Brad Saxe, 541.645.5641


5-day Full(with Lodging) camp pricing options:

1. Full Camp (lodging, transportation, tickets, food, and training): $950

2. Full Camp (all the above but no tickets): $610

5-day Camp(without lodging) pricing options:

1. training only: $300

2. training, tickets and food:$695

*note: This option allows for tickets and food to be added separately within our registration form as needed....

** note: food is breakfast and lunch at Timberline


MRT's Refund policy:  

We will train on the scheduled days as long as it is safe to do so.  If training is cancelled before we head out on snow due to low snow-pack and/or unsafe conditions, athletes will be refunded for the cancelled days on a pro rated basis.

Refunds are applicable only when it comes to a serious injury or illness which results in an athlete missing multiple days. Missing a day here or there due to temporary issues does not warrant a refund.  Once we have our coaches on the hill,  our resources need to be covered.