Summer Training

SUMMER TRAINING is a necessary component for competitive skiers and is a great way to gain that skill to go to the next level. 


We are extremely lucky to have the Palmer Glacier and Timberline Summer Ski in our backyard! Elite racers from all over the country flock to Mt. Hood in the summer to take advantage of consistent summer snow conditions and the opportunity to learn skills without the pressure of a pending event or race! Meadow Race Team offers about 25 days of summer training at Timberline on the Palmer Snowfield. Our camps are the last two weeks of June, with the 4th of July week off, followed by two weeks in the beginning of July. We will have a short camp in early August, but leave that time open for athletes to attend National, Regional and Divisional camps. Finally, later in August we travel to Saas-Fee, Switzerland to ski on amazing terrain, train with the best athletes in the world and spend time in the rich mountain culture of the Alps.

We encourage MRT athletes to ski with MRT for their summer ski camps. We have one of the most experienced coaching staffs on Mt. Hood (Program Director John Rust was the Head Coach for the biggest summer race camp in the world - Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camps, Shawn Darris spend 7 years as the assistant director for Timberline Atomic and Head , coach Katy Loewy and U16 coach Brandon Green have numerous years of organizing and coaching during the summer). Skill progressions, coaching and organizing progression based on athlete needs is best accomplished with your home program coaches. Combine the coaching experience and knowledge with the athlete needs and you have a recipe for success. We also have a great afternoon activity program (deemphasizing dryland - kids should leave it on the hill) and doing crossover learning through Mt. Biking, Rock Climbing, Rafting, and a myriad of other fun activities. MRT Summer Race Camps are open to MRT athletes exclusively, unless approved by summer camp director John Rust. If you would like to attend and are from outside our organization please email John at Come join us for the summer! We are excited that the snow has stacked up and that the conditions are favorable for great training!

Thank you all very much and we look forward to seeing you on the hill!


John Rust, Program Director

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Another perfect summer skiing day!

Another perfect summer skiing day!