Spring Training Block 2019:

We offer different options for our MRT athletes to extend the season if they are interested and able.  We recognize that many families are involved in different springtime activities.  Our programs are set up to offer a flexible means to continue to participate in training and racing for both Rippers and Carvers.


 March extension:       Rate: tbd

     * This option allows Rippers to continue to participate through the Candy Cup Spring Finals if interested.





May Day extension:

An April extension is offered to prepare athletes for the May Day Races.  The May Day race has been a traditional end of the season event for dedicated ski racers here in the region for many years.  It is an excellent way to finish the season and very fun family experience overall.  We offer a 1-day or a 2-day training option for this month.  The 1-day option is designed to be on Sundays to accommodate other springtime sports activities that overlap seasonally.




*  There are away race fees applicable for all race events away from Mt Hood.  These fees are meant to help cover the coaching staffs travel costs and coaching fees for a given event.
*  Spring Block is a chance for younger athletes to train with older athletes.  We run many of these days in "Camp" mode.  Athletes are expected to have a high level of independence and motivation.  Most of this training block is GS and "speed" oriented.  With the snow conditions as they are to this point,  most of our anticipated training will be up on the Cascade Chair.  A high level of confidence and proficiency is expected for this terrain.  Any questions or doubts on ability level..., talk first with your weekly coach, and secondly, give me a call. 

May Day Race information:

The May Day event has been a long standing tradition here in the Northwest for our U16 and younger athletes.  It offers us some extra GS/SG training/racing and provides our DEVELOPMENT parents and athletes an opportunity to experience what it is like to travel as a CLUB OR COMP athlete to away races in the region. 

When we travel to away races as team, there are different expectations and rhythms of the day to learn and prepare for.... It starts with registration and communication with the your club/traveling coaches:

Step 1. If you are interested in racing then go to the hosting club's website and register for the race: You can use the button below to access the page :) There is a fee for entry to this race.


Step 2. There are away race fees for this event.  It is normal for USSS clubs to collect away race fees to cover the costs associated with sending a professional coaching staff to work with your athletes. Please use the button below to register payment with MRT for supporting your athlete at this event:

Note: Parents are not allowed on the race venue for this event. Coaches only for inspections and support during the race. No movement on the venue during the race without a radio. Welcome to how a properly run Speed event is run :)


Step 3. Go to the MRT google docs roster to let us know that you have registered etc....  Use the link below.

Step 4.  Go to the race and have fun !!

The Cliffhanger venue at Mt Bachelor. This is where the May Day races are usually held.

The Cliffhanger venue at Mt Bachelor. This is where the May Day races are usually held.

Feel free to contact MRT with any questions at : director@meadowsraceteam.org