Race FAQs


When should we be at the mountain on race day?

We recommend you arrive at the mountain between 7:30-8:00 a.m. thereby having plenty of time to collect your child's race bib and have them go to the bathroom. The coaches will have a coaches meeting and will then meet their race day group for course inspection. The exact time for grouping up varies so find your coach and be ready to go!

How does the race day format go, i.e. which age groups go first, when is lunch, etc?

Each race day varies. The order and timing of events is decided upon by the hosting team. Many teams post an expected timeline of events on their webpage. The coaches will receive an update on the morning of the event.


  • A typical day may look like this:
  • 8:30 Course Inspection with coach (see below)
  • 9:30 First run begins (by age/gender group)
  • 11:30 Lunch
  • 12:30 Course Inspection
  • 1:00 Second Run begins (by age/gender group)
  • 3:30 Awards

Because the schedule varies so much, and because decisions are made and changed as the day progresses, you and your child need to be in frequent contact with the coach and stay close to the event! When your child has completed the first run, make sure they get their jackets and quickly get lunch. They need to be ready for the second run.

What is course inspection? What does "slipping" the course mean?

Slipping a course refers to when the coach and children slowly "slip" down the course. Course inspection is a very slow slipping of the course. The racer will familiarize himself or herself with the gates and look for the best line to ski. The coach will take his or her group down the course for this inspection.

Can I slip the course with my child?

If your child has missed his or her coach then yes. Make sure you ask the official at the top, "Is the course open for inspection?"

What does GS and SL stand for? What is Combi?

Mitey Mites participate in two types of races: Giant Slalom (GS) and Slalom (SL). The main difference is the distance between the gates. Combi races are a new format that combines both GS and SL (if racers have 2 sets of skis, they should wear their slalom skis.)

Who takes care of the Athlete's Clothing on Race Day?

Parents are encouraged to get involved in the support of the team by coordinating to bring clothing to the bottom of the course. The coaches are very involved in supporting athletes at the top and usually do not have the capability of managing clothing as well.

Should my athlete carry their race skis to the top of the course?

Carrying skis to the top of the run is discouraged for Mitey Mites. Mitey Mite aged athletes are encouraged to make runs on their race skis prior to their race run. Skis should be waxed, scraped and brushed prior to race day. They can then be given a final brushing prior to their run.

What are DNF, DNS and DQ?

Can the racer race the second course if they were DQ'd or DNF'd?

We do let all kids take both runs even if they DNF or DQ the first run. They will however not get a combined time which is used for final place in the race.

What should my child do if s/he misses a gate?

If they are not too far down, they then can climb up the course and go through the missed gate. If they find themselves too far from the gate then ski out of the course. If they are unsure of which gate, they can ask the gate keeper where to start anew.

What should my child do if a ski comes off during a race?

The racer must move off the course and is not allowed to complete the run unless it is the last gate in which case the racer can finish on one ski.

What if my child's ski comes off at the end of the course and they travel through the finish on one ski? Does the run count?


Can we keep the bibs, they'd make a great souvenir? When do I return the bib?

Bibs MUST be turned in. They are collected at the end of the racer's second race of the day. In some multi day races you may keep your bib until the end of racing on the second or third day. The host club will post information on what to do with bibs for multi day races.

How far down are medals given?

That depends entirely on the host team. We usually give medals to 10th place. Usually, everyone gets a participation ribbon.

What is the Buddy Werner Championship? How do you qualify?

"Buddy's" is a ski racing competition comprised of the best 7 girls and 7 boy skiers from each club in PNSA. There is a formula based on season results that is used to determine the Buddy Team. (Usually, the team is comprised of U14 racers).      

  • DNF: did not finish (the racer fell and did not finish the race)
  • DNS: did not start (the racer did not come, or missed their start)
  • DQ: Disqualified (likely, the racer missed a gate; there are other reasons one could be DQ'd like foul language, inappropriate or missing gear, etc.)