Night Training information


Here is information concerning this season's up coming night training sessions:

* Full-time Juniors already have night training built into their program.

** Wednesdays and Friday nights



Tentative night training dates: * once Mt Hood Meadows opens for night skiing, and conditions permit....

          December            16,18

          January                6,8,13,15,20,22,27,29

          February              3,5,10,12,24,26



                    5X Pass        $175

                    10X Pass      $325

                    Full Pass      $475



There are ~16 nights available.  There may be more or less?  That is why we are offering the punch pass idea again this year. The idea is for you to watch the weather and to gauge your athletes race schedule to pick the nights that work best for you.  Your athlete's coach can make recommendations and assist if you have questions once the season begins.  

We train from ~5pm to ~8pm for these training sessions.  Athletes often arrive at different times, and are expected to find MRT coaches out on the hill.   We normally train on Stadium when it is available.  Easy Rider is often used early season or during low snow years. 

Athletes are expected to be able to turn laps on a variety of lifts depending on our venue and/or which lifts are available and running.  Athletes and parents need to understand this before signing up. If this is uncomfortable, then your athlete is not ready for night training.

Open to MRT athletes, U10 and older.

All MRT athletes choosing to participate must be RESPONSIBLE for safe chairlift riding with their peers, with the public and by themselves.

Feel free to contact MRT with any questions at :