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MRT X Give'r Gloves

By Katy, 12/07/22, 2:15PM PST


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Greeting MRT Race + Big Mountain Team,

What an absolute privilege it’s been to work with the club leadership at MRT! There have been extraordinary strides made by this team since it’s made the move from MASRA to the purple Spyder jackets of MRT.

I raced for MRT for 4 years as a youth with my sister, Tori and Brother, JC. I wasn’t ever a top 10 finisher (my sister was). Still, these were by far some of my most favorite memories growing up. Time with family, learning how to be comfortable and fast on skis, staying overnight in Govy with team members, and even those horrible rainy days are still recalled when telling stories on the chairlift. Enjoy your time on this team. While it may be short, the skills you learn here will stay with you for a lifetime. Today, I work for Give’r as their custom & retail account manager. We’re a premium, personalized outdoor leather glove company out of Jackson, Wyoming.

The term “give’r” means to give it your all in everything you do. Something very fitting for a group of competitive racers & big mountain skiers.

I sincerely hope you all love these customized give’r gloves and think they look just as cool as I do. Keep in mind, these gloves aren’t just for given’er on the slopes. Take them camping or backpacking to help maintain your campfire (temp rated up to 300F). They’re double-stitched and reinforced with additional leather in key areas, so they make great work gloves for hand protection as well.

A big THANK YOU to your fearless leader John Rust and the rest of your leadership team for working with me on this project. It’s one that I personally have been very excited to be a part of. If anyone has questions about the gloves or our process, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m happy to chat about any questions or needs you have!

Excited to see this team Giv’er all season!

Wes Vanden Brink
503 929 8176
Custom & Retail Account Manager
Give’r (Verb): To give it your all