Meadows Race Team Board

The MRT Administration is an all in dedicated group of volunteer board members.  This highly skilled and successful group  leverage their business skills and time for the BENEFITs that Youth sports bring our community.  The mrt board is dedicated to building the community around the life long love of skiing.  


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Jean-Pierre Veillet (JP), President

Jean-Pierre is a Former MRT(MASRA) racer, has 2 boys in the program, and coached for 3 seasons.  His company Siteworks Design Build is the title sponsor for the team.  Jean-Pierre enjoys volunteering time to MRT out of a dedication to the community he grew up in and benefitted so much from.  Jean-Pierre is dedicated to the Long range development of our atheltes, coaches and the club.  Jean-Pierre's VISION supports the United States Ski and Snowboard GUIDELINES for club development.  Jean-Pierre serves on the Ski Ball Committee, The Van and Transportation Committee, The AJ Kitt Travel Scholarship Committee and The Board Development Committee.  


Karen Sullivan,  Vice President

Karen has served on our BOD for 4 years, is our current Vice President and has been the Board Secretary. She has been responsible for coordinating outerwear selection, ordering and distribution.  Karen became involved with the Board due to her family's passion for the sport and desire to advance the MRT mission and help support high quality learning and training on Mt. Hood. Karen and her family moved to Oregon about six years ago from Jackson WY, where they lived for 20+ years with a deep love for skiing and the mountains.


Greg Tansey,  Treasurer

Greg Tansey is the Chair of the finance committee and has 2 athletes in the program. Greg's skills and ambition for the club have brought us to a place where we better understand our financial capacity and he is CONSTANTLY providing sage advice tot he club. 


Michael Farrell, Secretary

Michael has been with MRT since 2014 and on the board since 2018. Michael has 2 athletes in the program.  Michale's vision and dedication to the club has allowed us to move forward along our growth trajecotry.  

Board Members 


Kerry Brennan-NOVAK, Board Member

Kerry relocated to Portland in 2016 from the Reno/Tahoe area with her husband and daughter who is a 1st year U-16 athlete. She successfully helped organize the 1st Annual MRT Ski Ball last season and joined the board this year to focus on creating great events and increasing fundraising. She brings 10 years’ experience in communications and marketing at Microsoft along with her previous experience managing event, marketing and sponsorship programs for the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, Jelly Belly Candy Company, 2002 Winter Olympics, Women’s World Cup ski races in Aspen and the Food & Wine Magazine Classic at Aspen. Kerry has worked with non-profit organizations including the Maybelle Center in Portland, the Nevada Art Museum and the Junior League of Reno where she served on the board for 5 years and was President from 2013-14. As a former ski instructor, Kerry shares a life-long passion for skiing and loves to spend as much time as possible in the mountains with her family and friends.


andrew wilmerding, board member

Andrew Wilmerding joined MRT’s Board in the Spring 2018.  His life-long love of recreational skiing drew him to MRT as his eldest daughter, Lulu, joined MRT three years ago as a U8 athlete.  CeCe, his younger daughter, just joined Snow Blasters this season and plans to join MRT as well.  He and his wife, Emily, look forward to supporting MRT in the years to come.

Andrew is a small business owner who brings over 20 years of professional experience in sales and consulting and has proven success in fundraising, promotion and sponsorship.  He has helped clients realize increased and improved operations, develop staff and build team management, establish strategic planning, implementation and reporting for both start-up and growth companies.  Past projects have included working with clients such as Microsoft, adidas and Nike as well as with many small start-up ventures – specifically focusing on companies who are in the initial stage of fundraising and company culture development.  His most recent involvement has been with Kalyx Development, they raised over $40 million for commercial real estate development projects nationally.


Geoff Barrow, Board Member

Geoff is a former Vice President of MRT and has 2 Athletes in the program.  Geoff also coaches the U12 athletes. Geoff is the Chair of the Long Range Planning Committee and serves on the USSA Certification Committee, and the AJ Kitt Travel Scholarship Committtee for MRT.  


AJ Kitt, Board Member

Aj Kitt is a dedicated parent of 3 Athletes in the program, a 4 x Olympian, a Coach,  the Chair of the Van and Transportation Committee, and member of the AJ Kitt Travel Scholarship committee. Aj Kitt currently sits on the PNSA Board of Directors


Mark Mccorkle, Board Member  

Mark currently serves as MRT Chief of Timing. 


Chris Kastner, Board Member

Chris has been on the MRT board since 2011 and is the Director of Snowsport Services at Mt. Hood Meadows. Chris also sits on the PNSA board of Directors.  

Community Members

Jeremy Inman -  Communications director,

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Jeremy hopes to communicate the great work that is being done as effectively as possible to the many parents.

Jennifer Lewis  -   Volunteer Coordinator

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Jennifer Is the Volunteer Coordinator responsible for Organizing all the parent volunteerism. Jennifer is a  former MRT Board member  


Sean Welch - USSA team committee

Sean is a U12 coach and parent of 2 athletes in the program.  Sean is a former MRT Board Member.