MRT Juniors Program


Our Juniors program is designed to support and prepare athletes for USSA and FIS alpine competitions.

AGES - U14 and older (12 years old and up)

Junior development and racing becomes more dedicated and individualized. MRT athletes are encouraged to train and commit to the level appropriate to their individual goals while still maintaining a high level of motivation and enjoyment of the sport of skiing. The opportunity and expectations to begin to travel to regional "away races" is par to the fun for these age groups.







Juniors full-time Program: USSA/PNSA

This program is designed for ski racers looking for a full-time season of USSA/PNSA Juniors ski racing.  The season runs approximately 26 weeks through out the 2015/16 season.  This program is open to all U14 and older athletes.

All Juniors in this program are required to have a USSA alpine competitors license.


Generalized Juniors Calendar:

     October          24,25           Timberline SL Camp

     November      14,15            Timberline GS Camp

                            27,28,29       Thanksgiving Camp ( location TBD )

     December       5,6,12,13, 27-30(Holiday Camp)

     January           2,3,9,10,16,17,18,23,24,30,31

      February          6,7,*13-21 (SunCup), 27,28

      March              5,6,12,13,19,20,26,27

       April                 2,3,9,10,16,17,23,24,30

       May                 * dates will be determined by the Golden Rose race weekend and conditions permitting....



RATE: $2250

     Includes coaching fees for the dates listed above. Season passes/lift tickets are separate.

     Away Race fees apply to all race events supported by MRT coaching staff off of Mt Hood.

     Weds/Friday pm night training sessions are included in this program.  Those dates are not listed above. 


To participate in our Juniors program, athletes should already be able to ride all the lifts at Mt Hood Meadows in a safe manner and should be able to ski with confidence/control on most of the terrain accessed from the Cascade and Shooting Star lifts.


     There is a Club Volunteer Commitment required with registration in this program



Some general guidelines regarding Juniors and the PNSA/USSA schedule:

1. Get Juniors equipment sorted out in Sept/October each year.  Do not wait later, or you will miss out on availability of certain skis and boots. In some situations, there are requirements to buy equipment that meet certain parameters etc....

2. Free up the time and be prepared to ski in mid-November at the latest to adequately prepare.

3. There is always an early race somewhere in mid/late December to attend.  Training is every weekend regardless of whether Meadows is open or not.  We use Timberline, and sometimes go down to Mt Bachelor to get days in...etc.  There is always a Holiday Camp available (Dec 27,28,29,30) every year.

4. January thru March is the heart of the season mixing in both training and mostly weekend races.  Late March and into April there are Championships and age specific Finals to attend.  There is normally a speed event (SG/DH) held in mid-February.  It is normal for speed events to be held mid-week. 

5. Competitive Juniors should be prepared to ski mid-November thru late April in the sport of ski racing for the most opportunity of success in the sport..., on average.

Elite team training options:


MRT offers an additional training option for athletes already enrolled in our Junior full-time program.

Training times are on Wednesdays and Fridays, 1pm to 5pm, and will carry over into the corresponding night skiing sessions when applicable.  There are two options available under this program:


          Full-time: (2 days/week)               RATE:  $600

                         Jan          6,8,13,15,20,22,27,29

                         Feb          3,5,10,12,,24,26

                         March      2,4,9,11,16,18


           Part-time: (1-day/week)                 RATE:  $400

                         January thru March



Athletes would arrange their schedule accordingly with their individual school districts to accommodate this mid-week schedule.  Good Grades must be upheld in order to participate in this program.

A high level of motivation, focus, and maturity is expected from athletes in order to participate in the program.  Mid-week training allows for custom training plans to improve an athlete's ability to retain learned skills and experience.

Age group Calendars will be added to this page soon.  There is a master calendar available if you click on our Calendar tab.


Feel free to contact MRT with any questions at :