MRT supports an OISRA program that represents 5 school districts during the winter race season.  We also offer a Supplemental training program to give extra training opportunities for High School ski racers around Mt Hood.

OISRA Program Information:

We work with West Linn, Wilsonville, LaSalle, Mountain View, Tualitin and Clackamas school districts in providing coaching for their alpine ski teams.  Nootsie McNabb is our volunteer Program Director and Shawn Darris is our Head Coach.

Nootsie typically will hold a Fall meeting(s) to provide information to athletes and parents in mid/late October, with an expected registration period to close sometime before early November.  The meetings are held at available schools as needed.

Calendar - generalizations (OISRA usually sorts out the race schedule sometime in the Fall of each season)

1. This program tends to start skiing (buses provided) around the first or second weekend of December.  Note: some of these athletes will choose to ski in the earlier camps offered, but most do not.  The majority begin when the Bus is provided for obvious reasons. Night skiing on Thursday nights starts when Meadows offers space and lighting. 

2. We typically run a Holiday Camp training session (Dec 27,28,29,30) every year.  Their first Ski Race is early January.

3. The rhythm of Jan/Feb is that there is a night training session on Thursday night, and races on Saturdays.

4. HS state championships are held sometime in the beginning of March.  The season ends for most. 

*Note:  There are extra "supplemental" training sessions available to High School racers.  An athlete can add Sundays during the season, as well as add early and late season supplemental training days to their schedule.  Those programs are presented below:



MRT High School training options:


MRT offers extra training options on Sundays through out the ski season.  We offer 3 programs to allow for flexibility in schedules and interests.  These programs are open to any High School racer in any school district.



     1. Full Season                  $925                includes all dates listed below....(Nov 27 - April 17)

     2. Race Season                $725               includes pre-season prep and race season as listed below.....

     3. Spring Add-on only      $240               includes Spring Add-on dates listed below.....


The Full Season program is self explanatory.  It is for those who know what they want and are committed to the season in all it's glory.  The Race Season is meant to provide prep/practice before the race season starts, and support extra training days during the race season up until States. The Spring Add-on is meant to allow any athlete who wants to continue to ski and train late into the season in order to build up experience and skills to be better prepared for the following year of racing.  The Best skiing and training of the year is always in March and April, contrary to what we traditionally think of in terms of winter conditions.  There is more snow, more space to run gates and more light in the day.  The Spring Add-on is the time to improve ! 


The Calendar breakdown:


     Pre-Season Preparation:       November        27,28,29(Thanksgiving Camp)

                                                   December        6,13,27,28,29,30

     Race Season:                        January            3,10,17,24,31

                                                    February          7,14,21,28

                                                    March              6th - Sunday before "States

     Spring Add-on:                      March               13,20,26

                                                    April                 3,10,17


The Spring Add-on also supports 2 late spring races that can be available to interested High School athletes.  These races are:

     1. May Day Race          Mt Bachelor, OR        April 22,23,24         Open to U16's and younger

     2. Golden Rose SL       Timberline, OR          end of May              Open to U14's and older


** Any race supported by MRT coaching staff off of Mt Hood is subject to additional "away race" fees.

** A USSA competitor's license is required for the Golden Rose race.


Anyone considering the above programs should be able to ride all lifts at Mt Hood Meadows in a safe manner and they should be able to ski with confidence/control on most of the terrain accessed by the Cascade and Shooting Star lifts.


 Timberline, June 2015

 Timberline, June 2015

Pre-Season Camps:

* These camps are available to athletes enrolled in MRT seasonal programs.

** Some MRT winter programs already include these camps.  For example, the Full season and Race season programs above already include these camps. 


Thanksgiving Camp (3-day), November 27,28,29 - This camp is meant to be held at either Meadows or Timberline as conditions allow.  It is a warm-up camp and it primarily designed to review the fundamentals of skiing and introductions to gate drills. Cost is $165, not including lift tickets.


Holiday Camp (4-day), December 27,28,29,30 - This is the traditional winter camp to prepare for the first races of the season.  It is held at Mt Hood Meadows.  We typically divide the day up into 2 sessions.  There is a free skiing/skill development session and a gate exercise/running session for most days conditions/space permitting.  (9am-3pm on average) Cost is $250, not including lift tickets.





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