Development Team

Sign up through November 15th - after the registration is based on availability. We maintain a 1:6 or better coaching staff ratio in this program

Our Development Team program serves as the foundation for both our racing and big mountain programs. The Devo program is for skiers from 6-11 years of age that want to improve their skiing abilities. We use a variety of terrain, conditions and drill progressions to develop the fundamentals in order to make skiing more efficient and in the end more fun.  Younger Development Team participants (U8's and U10's) learn to ski all conditions while being introduced to the fundamentals of race training as well as all mountain terrain through focused drills, drill courses and some gates. Our goal is to get the athletes proficient on black diamond terrain as soon as they are ready. Our older and more experienced Development Team athletes focus on more advanced racing situations to hone skills and to prepare them for a transition to the CLUB Racing Team and/or Big Mountain Team. Skiing gates is similar to skiing trees only the trees don’t move if you accidently hit them.

At the U8 level we only offer the Development Team. Our philosophy is youth this age should spend one day a week tearing up the slopes with family and friends. The occasional Sunday off is not bad either, but the more time you spend on snow with a focus from great instruction on Saturdays, the faster and quicker the athletes learn the sport. This program is all about learning so you can have fun on the entire mountain with your newly acquired skiing skills. This is the first step toward building the life-long love of skiing.  

The U8 coaching staff provides a positive atmosphere with great end of year awards. This program is one of the best offerings on Mt. Hood and we are extremely excited to share our professional coaches to help ignite your sparking interest in the sport.  


Athletes should have  the ability to get on and off a ski lift, preferably with ski poles.  Also proficiency on blue runs is mandatory. Being able to ride the lift independently and attention to safety on and around the lifts are staff and program priorities.  Our coaches use a careful eye while promoting independence. Athletes will soon learn to carry their own skis to and from the car - its a goal of our program.

U10/U12's :  These age classes should consider our Club Team or Club PLUS for the greatest opportunity for long range athletic development per US S&S guidelines.  An early investment in your child’s skiing passion will pay lifelong dividends. Skiing two days per week is a vehicle toward actualizing a dream of mastering the sport of skiing. The Development Team  option for these age classes is one day a week (for families that can only commit to one day per week). 



  • Age Classes: U8/U10/ U12

  • Start Date: Dec 14,2019

  • End Date: Mar 15, 2020

  • 20 days on snow

  • Saturdays plus some Sunday race days

  • Holiday Camp Dec. 27-30 is included at no extra cost

  • All Mt. Hood Youth Ski League races are supported: Meadows Challenge, Cooper Dual, OR 4-Way and Candy Cup

  • Season End Fun Race also supported

  • Spring block Add-on Available at added cost

  • We maintain low ratios and have continuous professional development

  • Fees do not include lift tickets or season pass

  • Requires a club volunteer commitment


End of year awards. An event worth every moment. Great Job Coach Caan and Coach Claire, but most of all great job U8's

End of year awards. An event worth every moment. Great Job Coach Caan and Coach Claire, but most of all great job U8's



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Development Team

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