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CLUB PLUS was created this year to provide a 3 day a week training program for Athletes ready to take the next step towards the Comp Team.  Club Plus athletes have their choice of Wednesday or Friday nights to train in addition to the Saturday and Sunday offering.  Club Plus athletes also have the option for Fall camp and Spring Block is included.  This year the school district has provided us with 5 extra days to provide training and rather then have the kids at home, they can train.  Club Plus includes those days in this package.  Club plus also will provide coaching to select races off Mt. Hood.  


Athlete Age : 10-13 

Athletes who:  Want more days on snow then Club offering 

Program Description: Begin exploring Competitive skiing with more training time 

Days on snow: 69 days

Starts:  December 8,  2018  

Ends: April 21,  2019

Saturday and Sunday Training + 1 day of Night training (WEDNESDAY or FRIDAY) 

FALL CAMP opportunity  for U14 ( additional cost for participation) 

includes SPRING CAMP

Includes Select bonus training days on school holidays ( 5 days extra) 

Mt hood Races supported with coaching

Select U14 Divisional Races (PNSA) supported with coaching 

Requires a club volunteer commitment

Excludes: Race entry fees, lift tickets, lodging, travel expenses.   

Program Cost : $1775       payment by check preferred