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Boots:  Summer and Fall are the best time to dial in your equipment!!  In the equipment domain/department a proper boot fit is #1.  Normally, this work is done during the summer by testing boots.  If not done in the summer, you need to get a proper boot fit with help from your coach(es) to ensure you can perform properly during the season.

Fitting notes:  Shell fitting is done to make sure that a boot is not too big or too small.  To shell fit, take the liners out of the ski boots.  Put your feet in the boots with a ski sock on, and put your toes all the way to the front so they are just touching.  What we want to measure is the space behind your heel and the shell.  If you have more than 2cm (a little less than an inch) behind your heel your ski boots are too big.  If you have 1.0 - 1.5 cm of space behind your heel it's the right size.  (Everyone’s fingers are different sizes, never been a fan of the '1 finger/2 finger fit rule.')

During the fall picnic we will have a club swap and also have an equipment day on that same day scheduled with Bob Olsen at Mt. Hood Alpine Race Center, which is located in Government Camp.  For kids, new boots are not that expensive and sometimes it makes more sense to just purchase the ones that are the best fit for your child.  Fit is only one important factor for a proper boot fit.  Flex (not too soft of stiff), boot cuff height, forward lean in relation to length of the athletes shin, and more!  Please ask for help. Some brands work better for some body shapes. Coaches know the brands and will help get your athlete in the right boot.

Here is a link to a video showing the fitting side of the process. This is from the FIS site! Bob Olsen in Parkdale can do this work for your racers.

Besides fitting, we also have to be sure the canting, fore/aft alignment and ramp angles are the best fit for your size and shape of feet, legs and body. Ask so we can help you get set up properly!

Web links to boot fitting:

Skis:  We are recommending ages U10 and under a single pair of Slalom skis as their primary ski.  The ski they use will be sized to allow some growth, but not too much.  The following year 2nd year U10 or as a U12 (if they are technically ready) that will become their Slalom ski (which will save buying two pairs of skis that year) and they will purchase and start to learn how to ski on a Giant Slalom ski, which is straighter in side cut and longer.  GS skis for U14's will also serve as Super Giant Slalom skis.  To save money we purchase the next length up in GS skis and used it for SG and the following year this becomes your new GS ski and the next size GS ski up the new SG ski.  A cost saving and measure that actually allows the athlete to switch to longer skis for races and then to summer camps seamlessly.  We also like to use the same brand as the flex and feel of the skis will be similar.  For a learning athlete having the same set up allows a quicker transition between the lengths of skis. You narrow down the potential variables, which increases new learning.

This is the time of year to engage in planning and purchasing the equipment you need.  Let's get everything dialed in!