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With almost 1000 starts on 5 courses over 2 days and an army of volunteers contributing to what, in my opinion, was the best run race series I have witnessed since arriving here, the Meadows Challenge was a tremendous success.  It was a great weekend of racing for kids around the area but this was a special weekend for our Club. The strength of our community really shined.  At the risk of leaving some people out a special thanks must be extended to some key volunteers that allowed us to execute on time for all but the second run of GS (which was only due to the sheer volume of athletes).  Mark and Caroline McCorkle on the timing, James Oellrich on race admin, James Green, Jay Poletiek, Scott Shauermann, Glenn White, Shrine Pont and Everett Carson for their key roles at the start and the finish, Andrew Ping and Maynard Falconer for their leadership as head gate judges as well as the many parents who acted as gate keepers and course crew throughout the weekend and Jennifer Lewis for keeping it all together.  The quality of our community was on display and our ability to host excellent races was as well.  Finally, a special thank you to ALL of our coaches who put in extra-long days through the set up and tear down processes but also played their roles as mentors to these young athletes so tirelessly and seamlessly.  As is usually the case with competition, the potential for disappointment was high but our coaches did what they know well to do in turning those bumps in the road into positive learning experiences.



We have often talked about character building this season but often in the face of adverse weather conditions.  This past weekend many of us were faced with adversity on the playing field in ways we had yet to experience this season. While nobody wants to see a lot of participants having a tough go of it either by crashing or missing a gate and being disqualified, we should all take a moment to recognize that it is how we react to such “failure” that can really define us as people. How we handle failure is what most people will remember about us and when we encourage our youth to be gracious and good sports-people (in part by leading by example) our whole society wins.  In an environment where loosing is a regular part of the process save for ONE person, we should all find delight in the opportunity to all be winners by simply behaving with respect and grace in the face of defeat.  There is no doubt that the SL courses on Sunday were a test of skill and brain power.  They were also safe and legal and in no way an unfair test of the skills our staff has been instilling in MRT athletes. We all need to take the long view and remember that there is very little room on that podium and what this really is all about how we carry ourselves in victory AND defeat.  Rather than being quick with excuses which are easy to conjure we should do the hard work and look within to find opportunities for growth.


On that note I would like to celebrate the story of one athlete who approached me right before awards to say that she had in fact straddled a gate and although the gate keeper must have missed it she would like to “turn herself in.”  This individual was on the podium so this likely a difficult choice to come forward.  It was a choice that also affected the results and who walked away with a medal that day.  This is the kind of personal growth I wish to be a part of and I congratulate this athlete on the tremendous step they took down that road on Sunday.



To clear up some possible confusion here is what you need to know:

·      The race announcement is posted on Team snap. Please refer to it for some basic details

·      The Kid’s Kandahar GS (a part of the MHYSL series) is one and the same as the OR 4 Way GS this year.

·      All events are at Ski Bowl (Multipor is part of Ski Bowl)

·      MRT will not have coaches on hand for the XC and the Jump but will for the SL and the GS

·      U8s are only eligible for the GS (No entry fee)

·      All others must pay entries for all events

·      There are 2 paper waivers you will need to sign to pick up your bib at the event.




·      Candy Cup March 18, Mt Hood Meadows- Race Announcement Posted

·      U12 Champs March 17 & 18- Race Announcement Posted

·      MRT Fun Race and BBQ March 24.



Brad Saxe

Program Director

Meadows Race Team

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