Hello MRT !

Mid-March and it is still snowing :)  I have been watching the local news of late and there is a lot of press about what a great year it has been.  Very true.  But, what they haven't mentioned yet..., is that for seasons such as this, it is the snow that falls in March, April and May that determines whether it will be a record breaking year overall.  I am starting to get curious about April?  Don't pack those fat skis away just yet....

Here is our training plan for the upcoming weekend:

* this is the last week for night skiing
We will train SLALOM on Friday. Please respond to me if you are coming as usual.
MM's will train Kombi on Stadium (Lane 3 - Skier's left) in the morning.  Fun Race at lunchtime etc...
Juniors will train GS/Speed. (Arena?)
All MRT athletes on GS skis for the day....Location TBD ( Stadium or Arena)

Saturday is the last day of the winter season for our Rippers program athletes.  Carvers and Spring Block participants will be continuing... Here is a note from Michele Wong about organizing this weeks Fun-Race activities.  It looks like we will have nice weather :)
Calling all MRT Families,
The Family Fun Race(March 19th) is now upon us and BBQ soon to follow.  Coaches, parents and athletes can race each other down Stadium.  Get in the spirit and dress in costume.
Coach Steve Lisac is bringing 2 tables and a small gas grill & a tent if necessary.
Greg Togni is also bringing a gas grill.
Amit is going to be one of our in-house Chefs!
Scott T. Schauermann is also bringing a grill & a portable table.
I think we have enough grills and tables.  Much appreciated!!!
Please RSVP on link & note what dish you are bringing to the BBQ.  
Hope to see to you Saturday!
Michele Wong

Also,  I hope everyone has been able to catch up with Karen Sullivan concerning any questions about next years jackets and clothing orders.  We are extending the order window.  You can place an order until March 21st.

Here is the link again:

See some of you this weekend!

Jim Stevens
Program Director
Meadows Race Team