If you joined me for our Parent Forum last Saturday you may remember me referring to a key short term initiative that I view as one of the most effective and immediate ways in which we can improve our deliverance on MRT's Mission.

Today I am happy to announce that we have launched our "Rally" designed to raise funds for video capturing and playback equipment that will directly impact the ability of our coaching staff to get key feedback to our athletes. I invite you to visit our campaign through the following link:


If for every MRT athlete we generate $53 in donations we will quickly reach our goal and get these systems on the hill and in the hands of the coaches and athletes.

If you cannot donate yourself, please consider sharing our link with your friends and family through social media or sharing this email.  A link has also been posted to our Facebook page.


Offering you my most sincere THANK YOU in advance, 

Brad Saxe
Program Director
Meadows Race Team