Big Mountain & Race Team

For athletes that want it all!!

wELCOME TO THE NEW mrt Big Mountain & Race PROGRAM

“Our board identified an incredible opportunity to expand our offerings and decided starting with the 2019-20 season to offer a big mountain program.”


Sign up through November 15th - after the registration is based on availability.

As soon as we announced our Big Mountain Team we got feedback that many athletes wanted to do both Big Mountain and Race. Our Big Mountain & Race Team allows athletes to improve skiing and learn to challenge the mountain with an additional opportunity to continue racing. The MRT Devo (Development) program serves as a building block of skiing skills for both our racing and big mountain programs.

Athletes who join this program will spend Saturdays with the Big Mountain Team ripping up the terrain of the mountain and Sundays with the racing program. U12’s will slide and and train with the Club Team U12’s and the U14’s and older will train with our High School Program on Sundays. (and with Big Mountain Club Plus - athletes can take advantage of an additional night session). This is a perfect program for athletes that are not quite as serious about racing and might be headed for High School racing or want the all mountain experience and want to attend races on Mt. Hood only.

Our Head Coach Ben McKinley was a former ski racer and understands the needs of growing athletes to both learn skiing skills and racing skills. The skill development we use will be mirrored in both of our programs while the Big Mountain places a great emphasis on skill development through free skiing. We use a variety of terrain, conditions and drill progressions to develop the fundamentals in order to make skiing more efficient and in the end more fun.  Athletes will also learn to jump and handle increasingly more challenging terrain. Mt. Hood Meadows serves as the perfect playground with thousands of little nooks and crannies to practice skills and learn. Younger Big Mountain Team participants (U12’s) learn to ski all conditions, while being introduced to the fundamentals of skiing as well as all mountain terrain through focused drills, terrain adaption and sessions on terrain features. Our goal is to get the athletes proficient and confident on black diamond terrain. Our older and more experienced Big Mountain Team athletes focus on more advanced terrain situations to hone skills and to prepare them for a transition to a life full of mountain challenges.   Athletes are grouped by age and ability and careful consideration is put toward maintaining a safe skiing environment where athletes can explore their abilities without being pushed too quickly into situations which exceed their abilities.

Requirements: Athletes should be able to confidently ski black diamond terrain.


  • Age Classes: U12, U14, U16 & U19 (17 year old and older athletes are required to complete additional safe sport training as required by federal law and the governing body of US Alpine Skiing)

  • Start Date: Dec 14,2019

  • End Date: Mar 15, 2020

  • 31 days on snow

  • Saturdays & Sundays (Big Mountain Club Plus includes Friday night training and Spring Block through the May Day race)

  • Holiday Camp Dec. 27-30 is included at no extra cost

  • Season End Fun Race/Team Parent event also supported

  • Safety is our primary concern. We maintain low ratios and have continuous professional development. As an added safety measure, we use two coaches with 14 athletes when we are in challenging terrain conditions.

  • Fees do not include lift tickets or season pass

  • Requires a club volunteer commitment

Big Mountain has many elements first and foremost being “Big Mountain skiing”, but also includes Backcountry Skiing, Ski Mountaineering, Skier Cross, and Skimo Racing. We will look to have our Big Mountain Race Team athletes enter at least one Skier Cross Event per season.