This is Erik Gilbert, the MRT Head Coach and the Lead U16/U19 Coach. I want to begin by thanking you all for your patience during this transition time. In speaking with many of you, you were patiently delaying your summer plans to see what we had to offer for summer skiing and programming. Thank you.  The time has come that we are excited to announce some AWESOME Summer Program offerings up on Mt Hood and in the surrounding areas!

To check out the programs, please click HERE!

A few things to note at this time: 

  1. This live, shared document will serve as the signup and main information hub for summer programming.
  2. Please take care to write only in blank columns and not erase another's entry.
  3. We are offering "day camper" access for U14 and older families living near Mt. Hood. This requires very early mornings on your part, but helps keep it affordable and more kids skiing!
  4. Please take the time to read the descriptions for each camp/event. There are specific aspects re: age, etc that are very relevant.
  5. ALL MRT athletes are invited to the Golden Rose SL Camp the weekend of May 19-20. Only 2005 year of birth athletes and older are permitted to race in the Golden Rose the following weekend.
  6. If you are planning to ski at Timberline this summer between the first week of May and the end of Summer more than 13 times, it is advisable that you purchase a Timberline Summer Pass ($899) as lift tickets are $71/day. Purchasing a pass will also provide you the opportunity to freeski on weekends, which is a worthwhile thing to do to continue gaining summer mileage! This does not appear to be available online at this time, but please call for information (503-272-3158).

Please note that camp costs are projected at this time. It is MRT's full commitment to make these summer skiing opportunities as affordable as possible for athletes and families. Thus, final numbers will be tallied after signup and an actualized cost will be communicated at that time. 


Finally, please expect further communications from our Board and Lead Age Class coaches as we move forward into Spring! I am leaving today for a trip to Nepal, and will be out of email range until May 20.


During my absence, please direct any questions to AJ Kitt (aj.kitt13@gmail.com). 


Thank you all very much and we look forward to seeing you on the hill!




If you have not yet been to one of our summer camps or have ever set foot on the mountain in the summer time let this year be the year that you do.  It may go against what feels like common sense but the harder, more frozen snow on Mt. Hood in the summer time can actually lend more favorably to acquiring new skills even more to the softer, mid-winter variety even all the way into August!!