If you have not yet been to one of our summer camps or have ever set foot on the mountain in the summer time let this year be the year that you do.  It may go against what feels like common sense but the harder, more frozen snow on Mt. Hood in the summer time can actually lend more favorably to acquiring new skills even more to the softer, mid-winter variety even all the way into August!!

This summer season we are expanding on our partnership with the Mt. Hood Academy and Race Team to take the next step in our skills based progression.  By joining forces last season we were able to apply our well designed summer-long curriculum and mix it with the pace of neighboring athletes as well as the input from neighboring coaches.  The top coaches from each Team will again combine to give a unique experience on Mt. Hood.  If you want to be a part of building a bigger community while refining the skills you have as well as gaining new ones this is the place to be.  Join us to train with familiar coaches as well as hear a new voice as well as old friends while making new ones.

All camps will have a lodging option that we encourage you to participate in to get the full effect.  Pricing details will be available soon.


FOUNDATIONS CAMP (Summer prerequisite)

June 16-27              U14-U19 YOB 2006 and older

June 20-23              U10-U12 YOB 2007-2010

This camp will feature free skiing drills designed to establish technical foundation for all later camps.  The focus here will be on basic athletic stance as well as the four skiing skills.  A full off-snow program will include dryland activities as well as technical, tactical, mental and equipment maintenance skills educational pieces.  

U14-U19 COST:    $2200 w/ lifts, $1500 w/o lifts- Price includes 11 days of room and board, 9 days on snow, World Class and tested coaching, a fundamental skill progression, on location transportation, afternoon activities, 24 hour supervision.

U10-12 COST:       $450 w/lifts, $240 w/o lifts- Price includes on hill coaching, 3 days on snow, demo center advisement, one day afternoon activities.  


GS Technique and tactics

July 7-14               U14-19 YOB 2006 and older

July 17-19             U10-12 YOB 2007-2010

The second in our series will focus on the specific techniques and tactics need to be a successful Giant Slalom slayer.  With flatter terrain still available and a full slate of drill courses to get you skiing to your potential in GS.


SL Technique and tactics

July 21-28            U14-U19 YOB 2006 and older

July 31- Aug 2      U10-U12 YOB 2007-2010

This camp will focus on Slalom technique and tactics with SL specific drill courses.  With a good number of days under your feet already this will be a high volume camp focused on getting several thousand SL turns in over a short period of time.



August 4-11           U14-U19 YOB 2006 and older

Finish off the season with your new training mates with our version of camp designed to put you on the path to finding your top speed.